Atlas Building Kits

This page documents the first generation building kits from Atlas.  Click on the image for a larger version.

There appears to be two versions--one with white boxes, and another with orange boxes

White Box Orange Box


  2801-069 Telephone Poles (12)
  2810-100 Single Tunnel Portals
  2811-100 Evergreen Trees
2812-100 Gantry Crane
2813-100 Foot Bridge
    2814-100 "N" Gauge Fence
  2815-100 Crates, Barrels and Drums
    2816-100 Mill Lumber
  2817-100 Split Level House
  2818-100 Ranch House
  2819-100 Country House
2825-150 Freight Station
2826-150 Viaduct
2827-150 3 Houses Under Construction
2828-150 Machine Shop
  2829-150 Cottage & Mill
  2830-150 Small Town Church
  2831-150 Double Tunnel Portal
2850-200 Old Time Station
2851-200 Coal Mine
  2852-200 Lumber Yard (Never Produced, Catalog Image)
  2853-200 Passenger Station (Produced in the 1990s, Catalog Image)
  2854-200 Engine Shed and Tower

(Work Shed and Tower)

  2855-200 3 Ranch Houses
2856-200 Mainline Station
  2857-200 Modern Church
  2858-200 Roadside Restaurant (Never Produced, Catalog Image)
2859-200 Log Mill
  2861-200 Gravel Tower
2881-300 Engine House
2882-300 Factory
  2883-300 Lumber Mill

Special thanks to Doug Gosha for the images of Crates, Barrels and Drums, Split Level House, Log Mill (White), Lumber Yard (Catalog Image), Passenger Station (Catalog Image), and Roadside Restaurant (Catalog Image).