Manley Model 48


My Next Project


November 11, 2007

I have picked up my next project machine.  It is model 48-P.  There is some confusion over the various model numbers.  The M-46, M-47, M-48, and M-49 are similar machine.  However, their ID tag will not have the M on it.  In other words, it reads 46, 47, 48, or 49.  There was an earlier machine the 49-P.  However, on the ID tag, it would many time only be listed as a model 49.  Erik's machine's ID tag reads 49-P-1.  My machine just reads 49.  Its serial number is preceded by a P.

Data About Machine:

Serial Number P-7933

Model 48

Watts: 1600

Parts Needed:  Kettle


Unrestored Photos