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This Web page shows the restoration process of my Manley Model 47 Popcorn Machine, as well as providing useful links related to Manley Popcorn Machines

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My Manley Model 47

My Manley 47's Unrestored and Restored Condition

Serial #1469

Single Phase, 25 amps

My Manley Model 47 was originally in the Lincoln Theater in Robinson, IL.  I acquired it from eBay during May 2006.

The following link has two photos of the Lincoln Theater.  They are approximately half-way down the page:



Manley Advertisement--1948

Manley also provided popcorn supplies, such as these paper bags:

Un-restored Condition

Restoration Process

Additional Manley Information

Follow this link for more information on restoration process

Some useful links:

Restored Manley Model 47 | Restoration Procress | Unrestored Condition | Contract Me

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